LightSpin is an experimental photography and art project that finds its source in a unique lightpainting technique. For this project, ten performers improvised contemporary dance movements at the center of a ring on which 24 cameras were mounted. Their brief dances were carried out in pitch darkness, light being aimed at the subjects as to reveal their shapes and movements, thus capturing their passage in a defined space. Pushing the exploration even further, the final result of this project becomes a fully animated, 360-degree representation of movements! Viewed and shared on the Web, the LightSpin project is launched as a world premiere in honor of the International Dance Day.


Team: Nicolas Foisy, Stéphane Hoareau, David Gaudet, Jeremy Lloubes, Alexandre Michel, Jean-François Sarrazin
Translation: Adolfo Ventura
Many thanks to Sandrine Martel and Jenny Du for helping on the first LightSpin prototype, back in october 2012.


Press Kit

  • Facebook timeline cover #1 (Coralie Muroni)

    Facebook timeline cover #1 (Coralie Muroni)

  • Facebook timeline cover #2 (Lucie Vigneault)

    Facebook timeline cover #2 (Lucie Vigneault)

  • Facebook timeline cover #3 (Margie Gillis)

    Facebook timeline cover #3 (Margie Gillis)

  • Poster #2 - Merryn Kritzinger

    Poster #2 - Merryn Kritzinger

  • Poster #1 - Kim Herny

    Poster #1 - Kim Herny

  • Poster #3 - Leon Kupferschmid

    Poster #3 - Leon Kupferschmid

  • Poster #4 - Michael Watts

    Poster #4 - Michael Watts



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